Chiswick Park
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Where else can you make and fly a kite in your lunch hour?
Guest, Tullow Oil
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Our year round events programme is central to developing and maintaining the strong sense of community that exists both within Chiswick Park and the wider environment. The variety and approach of the programme has been created to add value to the working lives of our guests, through team building, entertainment, well-being, developing new skills, physical
exertion and creative thinking.

Events at Chiswick Park have seen our guests, their families and the wider community achieve Guinness World Records in a lunch hour,watch spectacular performances from around the world, try a huge range of new and exciting activities from adrenaline-fuelled life size table football to more sedate geese herding, as well as raising tens of thousands of pounds for Charity.

The support and enthusiasm for our events programme continues to grow and the diversity of the events appeals to the wide demographic of our guests. From sport and interesting speakers, to cultural events, or one of our many, classes and workshops, our programme offers something for everyone. The highlight of the calendar is our summer season when the warmer weather allows us to fully take advantage of our setting and outdoor events run on a weekly basis from June to September. Our events offer entertainment and excitement -ultimately, the opportunity to try something new and to meet new people.