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13 Jan 2021


2020 saw a monumental shift in the way that a lot of people work. In this article, we explore four of the key workplace trends for 2021 and how Chiswick Park is ready for the ever evolving landscape.

More Digital Solutions

With many employees working from home, the use of digital communication platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams has become commonplace. But the physical office has also seen an acceleration in adopting technological solutions.

From contactless access doors to community app platforms providing the ability for employees to book parking spaces and meeting rooms, more digital technology will be integrated to help create a safer and more secure working environment, as well as a more seamless user experience.

In 2020, Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work launched a new app platform which helps Guests keep connected with the campus community whether they are on site or working remotely. On the Enjoy-Work app Guests can sign up to virtual events and activities, keep up to date with the latest park news and book onsite concierge services such as bike servicing, a manicure and a haircut.

The Hybrid Work Force

After a year where many employees were asked to work from home, it appears that the trend of hybrid working is here to stay. It refers to employees coming into the office for a few days, whilst working remotely for the rest of the week.

The hybrid workplace model allows for structure and sociability (at an office), while offering independence and flexibility (at home).

Many employees miss the buzz and social aspect of going to a physical office space; therefore, many companies will be embracing flexible spaces and schedules as we move forward into 2021.

At Chiswick Park, we have several flexible meeting spaces including our meeting pods dotted across the Park with views of our landscaped gardens and our Teepee meeting room, which can be booked for meetings and workshops.

Active Commuting

Walking and cycling to work has become a popular way to both avoid public transport and break up a sedentary working day.

It’s likely this trend will continue, and as a result, employers will look to embrace offices fit for a cycling commute with cycle lanes, shower facilities and secure bike stations.

To encourage more of our Guests at Chiswick Park to cycle into work, we spent last year enhancing our cycling facilities. We have increased our bike parking from 500 to 800 spaces and our bike hubs were upgraded with secure bike parking, bike repair stations and a fresh new look.

We also have shower rooms, lockers and changing facilities in every building, along with 24/7 security CCTV. In 2020, we also introduced the ability to hire Brompton bikes for up to 5 days via our Enjoy-Work app to support our Guests’ commute.

A Sustainable Future

Sustainability and social issues will be at the heart of the workplace in 2021.

Workplaces that align their values with environmental, social and governance initiatives will be in pole position to attract the best talent. Workplaces with a strong social conscience will also continue to cultivate thriving communities of like-minded individuals.

Here at Chiswick Park, we have recently launched our new ESG initiative, Enjoy-Work Together. At Chiswick Park, we believe in responsible real estate and our approach assesses the impact of the sustainability and ethical practices of our business.




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