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17 Jan 2020


Here at Enjoy-Work, wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do.

From providing a calming green space in the heart of a busy urban city, to our year-round programme of events, workshops and wellbeing initiatives, our aim is to provide an environment where people take pleasure in working and can enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

Maintaining positive mental health can be a challenge in modern-day life. But making just a few small changes to your daily routine can have a hugely positive impact on your overall physical and mental health. We’ve picked a handful of simple tips and tricks that can help us all stay happy and healthy in 2020.

Step away from the desk

We’re all guilty of sitting at our desk for 8 hours straight and barely getting up to go grab lunch. Make a conscious effort to stand up regularly, walk around the office more and why not even trial standing meetings (it will make them quicker!) or a standing desk?

Have honest and open conversations

This isn’t always easy to put into practice, however bottling up emotions rarely has a positive outcome. That old saying, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ is cliché for a reason. Whether it’s a chat with a friend or a professional, be honest about your worries as it will give you a fresh perspective and stop you from carrying them around inside.

Get those 8 hours in

Never underestimate the power of sleep. From October to March, try going to bed 30 minutes to one hour earlier. The darkness and cold weather have a big impact on mood, metabolism and energy levels, so extra sleep is needed to stay happy and healthy. Getting enough sleep is the best (and cheapest) method for keeping our mood and eating patterns in balance.

Stay hydrated

It’s not exactly ground-breaking but drinking enough water is incredibly important because it has a huge impact on our energy levels. Even a 3% loss of body weight due to dehydration can cause as much as a 10% drop in performance level, affecting mood and concentration as well as physical performance. Time to top up that glass…

Take a break from technology

In today’s world, we’re all just an email or call away; but this doesn’t mean we need to be available 24/7. ‘Leavism’ – working outside contracted hours – is a real issue in many workplaces, so it’s vital to establish clear boundaries and give yourself time to switch off from work. Off on holiday? Turn off your work phone and don’t pack your work laptop when you leave the office.

Have caffeine-free days

Now hear us out. We love our flat white in the morning as much as the next person and it can give a much-needed boost to focus and concentration. But you can have too much of a good thing. To reap the maximum benefits from caffeine, try having a few caffeine-free days each week. It gives the body a chance to energise itself, so when you do reach for that espresso on tired days, you’ll feel the effects.

Make time for activities you enjoy

What makes you feel grounded in life? It could be meditation, cooking, spending time with friends or volunteering. Whatever it is, allocate time to do it every week if you can. It will help you feel restored, happier and more mentally balanced.

Whatever we do today has an impact on tomorrow…




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