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8 Feb 2021


We are thrilled to announce that we won the Responsible Workplace Award at the West London Business Awards 2021.

This award recognises businesses who are actively shaping a responsible workplace by investing in keeping their teams at the cutting edge of skills and knowledge, embracing diversity, eliminating inequality and actively supporting the improved mental wellbeing of their employees. This is a great achievement for Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work and recognition for all our teams.

The West London Business Awards ceremony is an established milestone in the annual calendar of the sub-region’s business community. Twenty four awards were presented showcasing business excellence in West London via a virtual ceremony last week. The categories for the WLB Awards 2021 were clustered within five themes: SME Sector Leadership, Sustainable and Responsible Business, Economic Resilience, Corporate Leadership, and Individual Leadership.

The Award committee commented ‘Though 2020 has created some challenging circumstances for West London’s Business community, the situation has led to some of the most innovative and successful business practices we’ve seen in the eight years the Awards have been running, proving that, as ever, West London is ‘Open for Business’.

We are very proud to be a place where people want to work and are engaged. Happy people are more committed, more creative and productive. Our philosophy ‘If you Enjoy-Work you do better work, if you do better work you have a better business’ remains in 2021.




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