Park Availability


25 Sep 2023


Every year, Enjoy-Work conducts an Annual Guest Survey to obtain feedback from our Guests. This is used to evaluate our Guest’s perception of the Park, our offering and our team. We recently partnered with ARUP to support with this Annual Survey, and we used a Building Use Studies (BUS) Methodology survey to gain a better understanding of occupant satisfaction on the site, which also covered the building image and design, occupant needs, thermal comfort, lighting, noise as well as the usual questions around the estate’s green spaces, health and productivity and facilities.

The survey offered the opportunity to gain feedback on each building individually and at an estate-level. Focussing on occupant satisfaction, the survey provided insight into access to events and networking opportunities, and allowed comparison against our benchmark database. It also helps us stay true to one of our core business values of ‘Inclusion & Engagement’; building strong relationships, working collaboratively, and taking pride in driving engagement through creating a sense of community and belonging.

Read about the project in full HERE.




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