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15 May 2018


I am delighted to introduce our Chiswick Park News.

In this news section, we’ll be keeping you up to date with our all of the news from The Park. You will get to meet some of our team, guest companies, visitors, retailers and neighbours. We will show you some of our latest initiatives and share with you our exciting news.

In other words, we want to spread the word about our ‘Enjoy-Work’ philosophy.

At Chiswick Park, we try to ease the pressures of modern life by offering an environment that is pleasant, relaxing and fun. Our moto is ‘if people enjoy work, they do better work – if they do better work, you have a better business’. And we have the proof that it works. 82% of employees working here feel that Enjoy-Work focuses on wellbeing in their workplace. 79% feel that improved wellbeing enhances their productivity.

The link between well-being in the workplace and productivity is at the forefront of the industry. At Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work, we are on a mission to get our guests motivated, healthy and happy to come to work. We support our guests on the park by offering a well-being programme that will support their own initiatives. We look at all areas of focus of well-being: mental, physical, social, environmental, financial, emotional and offer an activity or a service that responds to it. Well-being is no longer just about weight loss or smoking. Offering the right working conditions will help companies retain staff, reduce absenteeism and attract new talents.

While we cannot control the level of stress in our guests’ organisations, we can offer them the best environment possible to unwind. We encourage them to get out of their offices and spend time outside. We have created new areas to take some of the inside-out! It’s important to move during the day and the park is a great place to allow for walking breaks.

Our regular events are another way to get people out of the office during lunchtime. Whether or not they want to participate or just watch, it’s the perfect opportunity to take their mind off the workplace for a short while before going back to work.

Keeping a healthy work/life balance is not easy, so we try our best to help improve it whenever we can.

Matt’s top tips to improve your well-being at work


Whether you cycle, walk, run to work, exercise during the day or just take a stroll – do not seat at your desk all day!

Eat your five a day

Difficult to resist the office treats! Whenever possible try to go for the healthy option to keep you happy and awake throughout the day.

Give your mind a break

Stop what you are doing for a minute, get away from your screen and then come back. You will notice the difference.


Smiling is good for you and those around you!




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