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23 Sep 2020


This week, we are celebrating Recycle Week here at Chiswick Park. Recycle Week 2020 recognises the sacrifices that key workers and the public have made to keep recycling going and create positive change in the world around us. People are recycling more than ever, with some councils recording a 34% increase in household recycling.

We want to say a big thank you to our Guests and community for continuing to recycle at home, in your office and here on the Campus. We work with Don’t Waste to track and record our waste & recycling to see where we can improve. Thanks to our Park community recycling, in the last 12 months we have saved the equivalent of 1387 trees, 2,132,295 litres of water and 409517 M3 of CO2.

Our goal here at Chiswick Park is to recycle over 65% of our on-site waste in 2020. So, together we must continue to recycle to help protect our planet for future generations.

How you can support on the Campus:

  • Use the correct recycling bins and get to know the colour codes

  • Reduce the amount of waste you produce, by using things such as reusable bags etc.

  • Ask a member of the Enjoy-Work team if you are unsure where the recycling bins are or what items can go in each one

How you can support in your office:

  • Remove wastepaper baskets and bins and get some smart waste and recycling bins in your offices

  • Ensure EVERYONE is up to speed with waste & recycling including your cleaning teams

  • Elect a waste & recycling champion in your team!

How you can support at home:

  • Make sure you encourage everyone in your house to think whether items can be reused or recycled before they are thrown away

  • Nine out of ten of us have household recycling collections, so if you don’t already have a recycling box or bag provided by your local council, it’s worth calling them and checking that you haven’t been missed out!

  • Before you shop, think about how you could reduce your waste. For example, you could buy things with less packaging, or second-hand items.

Protecting the future of our planet is a key value for us here at Chiswick Park, so we are committed to encouraging and offering the facilities for our Enjoy-Work team, our Guests and our local community to recycle more items, more often.




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