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24 Mar 2020


We are incredibly proud of the way our community has grown over the last 20 years. From our Guests who work on the Park to our local community of businesses and residents, everyone plays a vital role in making Chiswick Park a happy, supportive and sociable place to be.

While we are all distancing ourselves physically, it is more important than ever that we don’t distance ourselves emotionally and work with our communities to support those around us who need it the most.

There are lots of different ways you can help those who are struggling right now.

Support local businesses

If you would usually pop into an independent coffee shop for your morning flat white or go to your local café for brunch at the weekend, these smaller businesses now need our support more than ever. Many are still offering delivery options, gift vouchers or are even selling their stock, so you can support them while adhering to the social distancing rules.

Our ONECARD partner, The Italians are offering delivery to your door with their delicious selection of Italian food, via Deliveroo. Windfall Natural, an organic food shop in Chiswick and Battersea, are currently offering a ‘door service’ where you pay outside the store, and your items are brought to you. Why not also go and give your favourite local businesses some love and support on their Instagram page or leave them a positive review on TripAdvisor.

Support local homeless charities

The majority of us are lucky enough to have a roof over our heads in these worrying times, but not everyone does. Many of the organisations who feed the homeless in London have already been forced to close, but London Soup Kitchen are working tirelessly to continue to provide some of society’s most vulnerable people with a hot takeaway meal. However, they have lost many volunteers and a large amount of donations and funding due to the current climate.

They have launched an emergency funding appeal here which anyone can donate to, in a bid to ensure they can continue to operate each day. £15 covers their bread for a day, £25 covers their soup and £150 covers all food for a day.

Donate items that your local food banks are short on

The resilience of food banks is nothing short of outstanding, and wherever possible volunteers are working tirelessly to continue to provide support to people who are unable to afford the essentials.

The Trussel Trust tells you which specific items your local food banks are lacking in so you can donate the food they really need. Click here to find a local food bank near you.

The Felix Project is another great food redistribution charity in London that is continuing to feed London in this time of crisis. You can donate food, money or volunteer here.

Let’s reach out to each other

Simply reaching out via phone or email to those most severely affected by coronavirus can be a big help.

Vulnerable people and the elderly may be stuck in their homes and need food or medical deliveries, or are simply looking for some emotional support. If you have their details, reach out to them and ask if they are okay.

Staying connected with friends and family through the many online tools at our disposal may be key to getting through these testing times. It can lift morale and support our emotional wellbeing. Of course, not everybody is comfortable using technology so you could fill in this postcard offering help with urgent supplies, shopping, posting mail, or a friendly phone call and drop it through your neighbours’ letterboxes.

Here at Chiswick Park, we believe that the strength of our community will help us get through these testing times. We’re supporting all our Guests and companies on the Park in every way that we can. Let’s all work together as not only as a community, but as a society, to help lift spirits and stay happy and healthy.




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