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7 May 2019


The Wings for Life World Run took place at Chiswick Park on Sunday 5th May.

More than 120 runners participated in the race across our Campus in a global charity event with a unique, and uniquely fun, format. More than 3,350 runners in 34 locations worldwide started at exactly the same time and ran for as long as they could. There was no finish line, a virtual Catcher Car started the chase 30 minutes after the race started and sped up slowly until everyone was overtaken and eliminated.

The last one running was the global winner. The race started in the middle of the Events Plaza in a friendly community atmosphere with live music and supporters cheering the participants. Our local Wings for Life winner ran a total of 19 miles (31 km) on the Chiswick Park track.

The Wings for Life World Run London Chiswick App Run raised more than £2,500 for spinal cord research in the hope to help scientists finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

Wings for Life is already planning its 2020 edition, stay tuned…

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