Key Park
Building 7
17 September 2019

The Circus came to Chiswick Park

Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work completed its ‘Summer on the Park 2019’ events programme last Friday with its Finale event.

The Campus housed a big top Circus in the centre of its events plaza and saw over 7,200 Guests join the fun during lunchtime.

Two shows took place in the big red top with performances including the ringmaster and his special troupe of circus entertainers, comedy jugglers, a contortionist act and much more.

The party continued outside of the red top with fun games and activities as well as sweet and savoury snacks including popcorn and candy floss.

Chiswick Park has always been celebrated for its array of events on the Park bringing surprise and delight to its Guests. Over 30 events took place as part of ‘Summer on the Park 2019’ between May and September. The theme of the finale was kept secret until the very last week and was once again a great success.

We are known for our fun and unique events. Throughout the summer, we helped create a stimulating place for people to work. We saved the best till last with our Finale last Friday

Matt Coulson, CEO, Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work

Chiswick Park will continue to offer events, activities and services to the 9,000 Guests working on the Campus this year. Its biggest community event will take place on Thursday 7th November – Fireworks Extravaganza 2019.

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