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11 January 2021

Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work launches new Workplace Wellbeing Programme

Here at Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work, we have launched our 2021 virtual events programme focused on bringing positive energy to all Guests whether they are working onsite or from home.

Based around the notion of 'Finding your Happy', we have mapped out a series of online events and activities to get the workforce inspired and motivated, but also help them discover new ways to feel good about themselves. From yoga classes and body tapping, to nutrition workshops and sleep webinars, the programme is full of free activities that Guests can sign up for via the community app.

“The New Year can prove difficult for many, both emotionally and mentally. Looking after our physical and mental wellbeing is even more important while the majority of us stay at home. We believe that our new programme will create a healthy mindset for our Guests and empower them to become more productive and engaged at work. There is a great amount of uncertainty about the Coronavirus pandemic, but we are determined to continue to find new ways to enhance our Guests’ experience at work and help our Guests feel happier.”

Carly Gibbs, Head of Guest Experience Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work

The Enjoy-Work Virtual programme is available to all Guests working at Chiswick Park via the Enjoy-Work app, and aims to enhance their wellbeing leaving them feeling more connected during the national lockdown.