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Building 7
17 March 2021


With more people cycling to and from work, here at Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work we have launched an upskilling plan to get some of our team members professionally trained for bike repairs and servicing.

We are committed to training and developing our teams to enable them to personally progress and to provide a high standard of service to the Guests, now and in the future.

Trained team members will be able to support onsite Guests and co-workers with their bikes and ensure they enjoy a safe and smooth ride on their way in and out of the Campus. The course covers bike safety checks and puncture repairs, as well as the maintenance of brakes and gears, chain and derailleurs, and headsets and bottom brackets.

This initiative complements our Cycle Hub – the onsite cycling facilities and services. It will also run alongside our free montly bike servicing that we currently offer to Guests who work onsite.

Here at Chiswick Park, we have 800 secure bike spaces and repair stations, as well as a wide range of services and equipment for cyclists including shower rooms, lockers and changing facilities in each building, security CCTV equipment and a free one-day bike hire service.

“We have seen an increase in Guests and teams choosing a more healthy and environmentally friendly way to travel to work. It is important that we provide the right amenities but also ensure that we encourage bike safety. The new bike maintenance training allows us to have this additional expertise onsite within our own team to further assist our Guests. Empowering our people is part of our company values and we believe that people are motivated in different ways. We offer our teams the opportunity to be in charge of their personal development, creating a positive and productive workforce.“

Matt Coulson, CEO Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work