Key Park
Building 7
04 August 2021

Productive Workplaces: Maximising Outdoor Space

Based on his experience at Chiswick Park, our CEO, Matt Coulson, will be sharing his thoughts and advice about creating the optimum work environment in a series of short features. These will explore the concept of productive workplaces and productive workspaces.

As the first in the series, this article is all about maximising the outdoor space.

There are two components to creating the optimum environment: productive workplaces and productive workspaces. Productive workplaces are around creating that ideal setting for you to be successful as a business. The concept of productive workspaces is more individually focussed and can be at home or in the office.

At Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work, we constantly evolve that workplace environment. We create a range of productive environments that meet the needs of a diverse population using our outside space. If you want a quiet space by the water - you can get that. If you need an enclosed space - then you’ve got that. If you need space to engage with a group of people - then you’ve got that too. If you want to walk, think and talk - that is possible. If you want to engage in a more fun and social way, then the events and other services provide all those options.

The key for optimum productive workplaces is diversity and it is about constantly evolving and adapting what you already have.

The key for optimum productive workplaces is diversity and it is about constantly evolving and adapting what you already have.

When we introduced our Meetings Pods on the Park, it transformed the outdoor environment for people working on the Campus. But then we had to evolve and find the next thing. The Teepee then came, which is a more creative space for larger groups. So what’s next now? How can we create a more functional outdoor space that you can use out of your office to be productive in your work environment.

We consider different options for different purposes. Whether it's a social space, where people can have a few drinks, some food, and interact in small groups. Or a more corporate space, used for formal meetings, interview or presentations.

The outdoor space at Chiswick Park really allows for a whole range of functional seating areas in both quiet and busy settings.

A productive workplace is also about creating that quiet time. A deckchair by the waterfall, where you can just sit and have headspace for 10-15 minutes. Anything from meditating to clearing your head before going to an important meeting or interview. You can create an outdoor environment that has this range of functional workspaces, it’s then about educating the businesses on what’s available and how it can benefit them and their teams. In fact, functional workspaces are a key part of the wellbeing of any working individual.

That’s what a park type environment brings to a business park. It’s that unique environment where you have wildlife, water, greenery, trees, etc. You are instantly in a different mindset to what you would be if you were in a boardroom in an office in a normal building.

At Enjoy-Work, we are all about pushing the boundaries and educating our teams, our businesses and our partners in this mission of creating the optimum workplace and the optimum workspace for people and businesses to be successful.