Key Park
Building 7
09 May 2022

Fancy taking a flight on the Enjoy-Work Chiswick Park Zip Line?

The 980ft long Enjoy-Work Zip Line is back at Chiswick Park this June and promises an experience like no other!

The Zip Line will take place from 23rd-25th June! Guests can enter the ballot on the app now.

For visitors and local community members, the event will be open to the public on Saturday 25th June.

Tickets are now available to purchase online here. Ticket prices start from £25 per person.

Any flight time can be booked on Saturday 25th June from 10am -5pm.

Please make sure you read the health notes and restrictions for taking part in the Zip Line before booking your ticket.

If you haven’t ziplined before, the Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work Zip Line is the perfect opportunity!