Key Park
Building 7
04 September 2023

Sharing the buzz of beekeeping!

On Tuesday 29th August we hosted a beekeeping experience - led by our Landscaping Manager and Beekeeper Nelson Milburn - for our Guests.

Nelson took them through our nature area, at the back of our HQ, where we have our two beehives: he showed how bees behave in their own habitat, and educated Guests about the significance of bees in maintaining biodiversity and securing our food supply.

Our Guest Landscaping Team visits the hives every week from April to September to make sure our bees are healthy. The team is made of trained beekeepers who know what to look out for to make sure we have two healthy colonies.

Here at Chiswick Park, we also ensure that bees and other pollinators have access to a food source. So, that's why our Guest Landscaping Team choose pollinating friendly plants that flower at different times of the year to provide pollen and nectar through Spring, Summer and Autumn.