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05 October 2018

Chiswick Park introduces VIP Health & Wellness packages

At Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work, we are on a mission to get our guests motivated, healthy and happy to come to work. Our motto is ‘if people enjoy work, they do better work - if they do better work, you have a better business’.

We support our guests on the Park by offering a well-being programme that will support their own initiatives. As part of this programme, we are pleased to announce our latest strategic partner, 360 Health & Performance, one of the UK’s leading integrated medical facilities based in Surrey, just 30 minutes away from the Park!

360 Health & Performance delivers personalised programmes using cutting-edge technology and the highest quality evidence-based research. 360 Health & Performance believes health is our most important asset as it’s the underlying engine that powers energy, resiliency, creativity and productivity.

Together, we have put together tailored VIP Health & Wellness packages exclusively for our guests and each programme can be personalised and adjusted according to guest preferences and medical history.

Our experience in the industry told us that current wellness programmes were disconnected, low in metrics, and hard to implement. Mental health and chronic stress are major concerns threatening people and businesses around the World. This collaboration will tackle this issue by providing a personalised approach to workplace wellness and help Chiswick Park deliver the healthiest environment possible alongside a great living and working experience.

Justin Buckthorp, Founder 360 Health & Performance

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