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Building 7
15 February 2019

Water Consumption Management at Chiswick Park

Reducing water use is an increasingly important sustainability factor. UK water crisis is a big challenge that we cannot ignore. As part of our initiatives and targets for energy saving this year, we have introduced new water saving devices in one of our Buildings.

This is a water saving game changer. The volumisers will enable us to evaluate the performance of Building 4 and hopefully assist in the long term in improving water saving performances across the Campus. We look forward to seeing the savings, the impact on our environment and the cost reduction in utilities.

Adrian Walker, Operations Manager, Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work

We installed a series of volumisers in the bathrooms and washrooms of one of building 4, which will help save over 70% of water. Each volumiser was directly fitted on the water taps and shower heads to reduce the water flow.

Our team is committed to reducing water consumption and waste at Chiswick Park. The volumiser can save up to 1.7 L/min per tap. The same technology in a typical household would save approximately 2,150L per month. It is a simple tool that can bring a solution to one of our sustainability challenges on the Campus.

Michael Ajewole, Guest Services Manager JPC, Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work

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