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07 July 2020

Chiswick Park partners with Office App to launch new app platform

Chiswick Park, has announced a new partnership with tenant engagement platform Office App. The partnership will upgrade the workplace experience for over 10,000 daily Chiswick Park Guests.

All of the 75 companies including Discovery, Paramount Pictures, Starbucks, and Pernod Ricard who call Chiswick Park home will have access to the platform which provides a range of solutions to streamline their community building, employee engagement and back to work efforts across the business campus' 12 buildings.

Enjoy Work is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve their Guest experience. The partnership will enable Chiswick Park to offer a wider range of services on top of an array of events, sports leagues, clubs, workshops, and forums and fine tune their events program across their 1.8 million sq ft, as well as remedy operational challenges for the business campus' Guests. The new platform will also empower Enjoy Work to make more decisions based on behavioural real use data and allow them to continuously upgrade their offering.

As the pandemic drove employees online, Chiswick Park began to look for a platform which was adaptable and flexible in these turbulent times. Office App fulfilled the key criteria identified in the RFP including the need for a seamless communications experience, an online marketplace where outside service providers can be procured, and the ability to access real time analytics. Other key criteria included a scalable App management platform, the possibility to fully integrate additional functionalities and the tried and tested ability to integrate with current and future hardware and systems.

Office App provides over 76 modular functionaliti es and has already integrated with over 52 product partners to be able to offer a full suite of amenities services to maximise adoption and optimise tenant engagement. The platform will help Chiswick Park Enjoy Work to continue to lead the way in Guest Experience at the campus by providing a world class digital experience which will continuously improve based on data driven decision making.

'We are looking forward to this new partnership. We see the new Chiswick Park app as an innovative communication platform, which will guide our Guests throughout their journey on our Campus and enhance their sense of belonging to our community.'

Matt Coulson, CEO of Chiswick Park Enjoy Work

Alongside the platform's tried and tested ability to continuously integ rate current and future hardware systems as your needs evolve, Office App has added a number of features which ensure that employees will be able to return to the office safely.

‘In the wake of the lockdown and the digital freedoms which we ve all experienced over the past few months, employees are determined to have a consistent and coherent digital experience between the office and their private lives. Chiswick Park is committed to creating a world class working environment by providing a safe controlled workplace experience, defying expectations and adding value to their Guest’s working lives and we're excited to be a part of that at Office App.’

Ikenna Nweke, Head of Sales UK & Ireland at Office App