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15 April 2019

April Gardening Tips with Jamie, our Landscaping Team Leader

Find a few key tips below from Jamie, our resident chief gardener and Landscaping team leader!

  • Feed trees, shrubs and hedges with a balanced, slow-release fertiliser, by lightly forking it into the soil surface. Roses, in particular, are greedy plants and will greatly benefit from feeding as they come into growth.

  • Deadhead daffodils as the flowers finish, but leave foliage intact, allowing it to die back naturally.

  • For an instant lawn, lay new turf this month, and keep it moist until it’s established.

  • Prepare beds for the growing season. Dig in a 5cm (or more) layer of compost or well-rotted manure. You can also work in a general-purpose fertiliser, such as pelleted chicken manure, or fish, blood and bone.

Stay tuned for more gardening tips throughout the year!