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09 March 2020

Chiswick Park Launches New Health Checks Service On-site

Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work, the business campus located in West London, has introduced health checks for all employees working on-site as part of its ‘Concierge Services’.

In collaboration with local store Sabel Pharmacy, a community health care advisor is available once a month to carry out different health check packages. Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work has secured three health packages for its Guests: Gold, Silver and Bronze ranging from £15 to £25. Each package offers different levels of health tests and assessments including cholesterol and glucose tests, blood pressure, lung age and BMI. The Guests can book a 15-minute appointment each month.

The Concierge Services programme at Chiswick Park is designed to take care of the little things and make life easier for Guests on-site, helping them to make the most of their spare time out of the office.

“Our objective is to develop a healthy workplace culture. Our ‘Concierge Services’ are very popular, last year 8,000 of our Guests used one or more of the services. We hope that the health checks will continue to drive our wellbeing strategy. We are about creating a community lifestyle that enhances the working day of everyone working at Chiswick Park.”

Matt Coulson, CEO at Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work

The current programme offers over 20 services for all Guests to utilise at their convenience during office hours. The services range from umbrellas and bikes in reception, to ties and nail files in those times of emergencies, to services on-site such as a barber, pharmacy services, dry cleaning, and on-site car wash.

“We are proud to work with Chiswick Park and offer our care for all the workers on the Park, by delivering prescriptions and medications for free, on a daily basis. We are really glad that we have been offered the opportunity to do Health Check screenings on a monthly basis, starting in March, in order to keep Chiswick Business Park Guests healthier, without having to leave their offices."

Mikaela Martin, Sabel Pharmacy Chiswick

Enjoy-Work also proposes a regular programme of events dedicated to over 10,000 Guests working on-site. The programme of events is a key part of the environmental wellbeing of the Guests at Chiswick Park. Last year, Enjoy-Work organised over 40 events on-site available for the Guests as part of its wellbeing philosophy.