Chiswick Park has to offer

People who enjoy where they work are more productive and loyal. It's around this central idea that we at Chiswick Park base our 'Enjoy Work' philosophy, which for more than 15 years has been supporting market and world leading companies.

Chiswick Park

Chiswick Park comprises of 1.8 million sq ft of award winning accommodation, arranged as a necklace of 12 office buildings.

Each building faces the Park's 'inner garden' with a featured two-tier lake, waterfall, decked boardwalk, pathways, events space and landscaping.

The Park also houses over 45,000 sq ft of retail including the on-site Virgin Active gym, restaurants, convenience stores and an ever-changing array of pop-up traders and street-food vendors.

This is the best workplace environment I have ever experienced by a country mile.

Central to Chiswick Park is Enjoy-Work, a philosophy, which for more than 15 years has been supporting market and world-leading companies.

At the heart of the philosophy is the belief that supporting and engaging individuals first is the key to productive and engaged employees. Happy people are more committed, more creative and productive. A workplace that stimulates and refreshes its occupants, encourages them to work harder, stay longer and have better ideas.

Supporting world-leading companies for more than 15 years
people enjoying work

I love the fabulous environment and nature within the campus. It's a joy to walk through and spend time during the summer months.

Rob M, Paramount

million sq ft of superb workspace that can be found at London's Chiswick Park
sq ft of on-park retail
acres of landscaped gardens

I've been a professional in London for nearly 20 years and never before have I worked somewhere like Chiswick Park. It's inspiring and relaxing. I love Chiswick Park and Enjoy-Work has everything to do with it!

What is Chiswick Park

sq ft of office space
sq ft on-park retail