Personal Development is not just individual passions

Our ethos is to make our guests' lives easier. With over 9,000 guests on the Park we provide an extensive range of programmes and services to make sure that our offer has the widest possible appeal.

We aim to provide the opportunity of choice for our guests, which emphasises on learning.

Our extensive What's On programme brings people with common interests together, connecting like-minded individuals who share similar passions.

On a personal level, this allows guests to develop new skills and broaden their horizons. On a professional level it helps employees network and build connections which are personal, as well as beneficial to their employers.

Boardgames, choirs, book clubs & running
Sign language, basketball, football & netball

If you enjoy work, you do better work. if you do better work, you have a better business.

Recognised & Rewarded

2015 National CSR Award
Innovations in Workplace Practices
Gold Services Award
Institute of Customer Focus award
Excellence in Customer Service
Green Apple Award
National Gold Winner 2016

Our clubs and evening classes offers something for everyone at any stage in their career.

It can be either of an academic or creative nature, from an evening class in languages, sign language or music, to learning to sail, joining one of the wide variety of sports club or taking a class in photography or art - the diversity of our programme appeals to all.

It is really nice to have different activities, music, varied food - a space to share with friends. It is really amusing! Really makes a difference!