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Enjoy-Work Together - Our ESG strategy

Whatever we do today will have an impact on tomorrow, whether that be eliminating waste to landfill, or offering practical work placements to local students.

Flower Meadows
to give nature a home
Wired Certified
Green Apple Environment Award

At Chiswick Park, we believe in responsible real estate.

Our ESG strategy assesses the impact of the sustainability and ethical practices of our business. We consider the ESG factors and implement them to our business areas.

We call it Enjoy-Work Together as we believe that together we all have a role to play in managing and supporting a long term sustainable and responsible business.

Wired Certified
Green Apple Environment Award

Chiswick Park is a great place to work with the right balance of service and environmental responsibility.

Tom P, Tullow Oil

A few of the initiatives that we currently embrace in the Park include:

  • A work experience programme involving 200+students per year

  • We target recycling at 65%, far exceeding our local boroughs' target of 30%

Some of our initiatives

% green waste recycled each year
reduction in carbon footprint in 2019
on-site worms for food recycling
trees saving through recycling
% of energy sourced from renewable energy suppliers

I love the atmosphere with the lake, the ducks, swans, etc. the deck chairs and the emphasis on being environmentally friendly

  • Our on-site wormery houses 100,000 worms capable of breaking down 50kg of food waste per day reducing the number of collections by emission producing vehicles

  • We source 100% of our energy from suppliers that invest in renewable energy sources, resulting in extremely low carbon dioxide emissions for such a large business park.

Electric car charging points on the Park