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15 January 2021

Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work Launches New Sustainability Strategy: Enjoy-Work Together

Chiswick Park continues to work on making a positive difference to the community by launching Enjoy-Work Together, a new Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) strategy for 2021.

The ESG strategy assesses the impact of the sustainability and ethical practices of the business. Each ESG factor is fully integrated to the key corporate areas, aiming at supporting a long-term sustainable and responsible business.


The E for environmental will focus on the environmental impact of the business. An area which Chiswick Park has been working on since its launch over 20 years ago and was part of the Enjoy-Work Tomorrow CSR strategy.


The S for Social will focus on curating a special relationship within the Chiswick Park community, including its team members, Guests, partners, and the local community. This area will look at bringing positive social solutions to the community.


The G for Governance will focus on the way the business is run ensuring stakeholders’ confidence with a clear decision-making process and controls in place.

“In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for sustainable strategies made us adapt. As a business, we want to create opportunities to expand our offering of responsible solutions in collaboration with our Guests and partners. Now more than ever is the time for all of us to work together to make the changes needed to mitigate climate change and operate in a more sustainable way.”

Matt Coulson CEO Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work

Watch this short animation HERE to find out more.